We believe there is a whole world of opportunity out there.

We exist to inspire a global and ambassadorial approach for the lives and careers of tomorrow, based upon our core belief in the benefits of globalisation. Through creating true partnerships we are able to offer immersive exchanges and life-changing experiences across education, community, council, sports and business sectors.

The programmes delivered by our brands are all based upon TRUE principles, a foundation which enables us to establish and develop lasting global relationships.

Everything we do brings that world a little bit closer

The TRUE principles are what make our programmes and services different. Our consistent commitment to these principles is the reason why over 96% of the partnerships we started when we first began are still going today.

    Understanding how to build trust in different cultures, how to see when that trust may become damaged and how to repair it if it is lost.

    Considering cultural insights as the key to bilateral partnerships, not to be assumed or taken for granted, ensures relationships are built upon mutual respect.

    Providing the capacity to support in the reciprocal understanding of languages and cultures enables us to remove obstacles and create totally unique experiences.

    Keeping all of these moving parts balanced, constant and working together is what creates strong and lasting partnerships, and unleashes new opportunities.

Our Brands

True Partnerships is a government backed organisation that delivers successful long term relationships through local and national government bodies, including education bureaus, foreign affairs, embassies and trade institutions. Our goal is to change the lives of pioneers of all ages through our sector specialist brands.

Development Unleashed

International visitors and students help to raise an area’s profile, as well as increase the chance of inward investment, opportunities for international trade and growth in the local economy. We support new developments and enhance existing programmes through media representation and partnership building, all without budget spend requirements.

Learning Unleashed

Our Education programmes broker relations with communities in China and the UK through leadership delegations, student exchanges and joint projects. They include the UK Government backed Sister School Programme and the Ambassador School Partnership Programme.

Potential Unleashed

True Sports Partnerships programmes and exchanges provide cultural exchanges, immersive learning and unforgettable experiences. They enable cultures and communities to come together through commonalities and differences and learn from the unifying positivity of sports.

Networks Unleashed

Bringing globalisation to businesses helps to advance commercial opportunities and develop staff understanding and appreciation of new markets. Our formalised approach to building and growing true partnerships leads to a longer lasting and more mutually beneficial approach to doing business on an international or global scale.

Creating a world of opportunities


Support and tailored training before, during and after delegations, trips or exchange programmes ensure everyone gets the most out of mutually beneficial partnerships.


Our events enable international organisations and groups to come together, build and grow networks and create the foundation for lasting global relations.


A suite of resources created in line with each stage of our programmes enable and assist with the planning, delivery and growth of partnerships.


Begin a valued international partnership with a fully reimbursable delegation trip to China, creating opportunities for travel and immersive learning for both teachers and students.


Partnerships with governments and schools in the UK and China create ambassadors for schools and communities, helping to raise funds for international programmes. Lay the foundation for long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships that ignite cultural understanding.


Bring people together from across the world through an exchange programme. Increase global awareness and internationalism within communities and support personal development skills, such as leadership, maturity and independence.

Where it all began

I always had a passion and affinity for Asia.

But it was a school trip to China in Year 9 that set my life on a new trajectory. Moving to China became a matter of when, not if, and I decided not to go to university in the UK, instead to teach and work with school and community groups nationwide.

This led to the foundation of Access China UK Education, and an increasing demand for delegation, exchange and partnership programmes.

It was through the partnerships I developed with local district councils in China that the principles of TRUE were created. They underpin everything we do to this day.

True Partnerships is committed to realising the opportunities of globalisation in a way that recognises the importance of cultural understanding and empathy, knowing that lasting connections, and true partnerships, are all about people.

Thomas Camilleri
Founder Director
True Partnerships

What our partners say

“This is a great programme to be a part of and now we have done it once it will only strengthen a second visit, now we know what to expect”

Amy Gregg, Warren Primary

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